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Horse Riding

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Horse Riding

From the horseback, you’ll experience the mountain in a new way. While the horse walks along the mountain paths, all you have to do is enjoy the view and the experience.

Hallingskarvet National Park is just a short ride from Geilo city centre. Here you will find beautiful scenery, waterfalls, impressive views of Geilo and the Ustedalsfjord, and perhaps you will hear the history of the chiefs who lived here during the Viking era. Experienced instructors provide good training and there are horses for both inexperienced and experienced riders. There are tours suitable for everyone, whether you want speed or a fun ride with the natural experience in focus. Experiencing Hardangervidda and the surrounding mountains from the horseback is an experience you’ll remember for a long time.

If you want to try horse and trolley, Geilo Hestesenter offers both round trips in Geilo city centre and driving courses.

Geilo Horse Centre is only 600 meters away from Bardøla Resort and offers something for everyone.

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“Very nice place with friendly and sympathetic employees. We had a nice ride in the local area, mostly on riding tracks. The scenery is beautiful – meadows, small forest, lovely wild flowers. With Icelandic horses, we did both trot and “tolt” – performed by Icelandic horses only. As usual in Norway, foreigners may find it pricey. But we found it worth the money. We’ll be back!”

Jannike Wie, Facebook

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