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Rafting is a very exciting experience that is suitable for all. In Geilo, there are several companies offering rafting and other river sports both for adventurous types and families that want a nice and exciting day.

In addition, rafting a magnificent nature experience, with cascading rivers and beautiful scenery. Numedalslågen runs through Dagali, which is the starting point for rafting tours in the Geilo area. The upper part, Dagali Falls, considered one of Europe’s best rafting rivers, with clean and fresh water straight from the Hardangervidda National Park. Foreign guests do not believe their own eyes when they see that one can drink water straight from the river. It hosts Dagali River Festival each summer with international competitions in rafting and river kayaking and all summer comes kayakers from around the world to paddle in the rapids.

The season lasts from about May 20 to September / October. In the spring flood, when all the melt water from snow melting in the mountains fills the river there is lots of water and the river runs fast and wiry.

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“As outdoor freaks, we did rafting on several other places in the world, and I have to say the rafting with Serious Fun is one of the best we’ve ever had. The river itself is beautiful and wild, a perfect combination of fun and adrenaline, without feeling unsafe. The (very!) friendly staff gives a warm welcome and the guides are very experienced and fun(ny). We’d also like to mention the very picturesque camping spot at the beautiful like, with a fire place, a picnic table, bbq… Overall, this was an absolute highlight in our Norway trip and we will recommend this activity to all of our friends and family.”

Joris M, TripAdvisor

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