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The mountain wall Dagaliolevlevelser is rappelling down is approx. 40 meters high, which corresponds to approx. 16 floors. The view of Dagali is amazing, but most people have to go down the wall at least once before they have time to enjoy it.

We have different possibilities; sva, vertical mountain wall and overhang. Dagaliopplevelser’s experienced guides help you get started safely, but you have to rappel alone. You’re all alone in the mountain wall, which is a challenge in itself! The feeling when you make it down to the grass is amazing.

Rappelling is safe, you cannot fall down even if you try, even though that’s not always easy to believe.

The activity takes about 3 hours, depending on the size of the group. Minimum four persons.

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“Totally Raw!! A bunch of friends who tried rappelling, Powerturn Buggie, go-kart and rafting that ended in the hot tub! Very professional company – with experienced guides and equipment that puts safety first! Thank you very much for some challenging activities and wonderful experiences! We will be back !! Highly Recommended!”

Mari Marthe Rækstad, Facebook

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