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Courses and conference at Bardøla Høyfjellshotell

Are you going to arrange courses and conferences – or maybe you want to have a special event with family and friends? You decide – we make arrangements! We are very flexible. You decide what the agenda should contain. Our task is to participate with dedication and full attention. At Bardøla you can get everything from small group rooms to a halls for 200 people.

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Bardølasalen is used for large gatherings, whether for companies or courses and fairs. The hall can also be divided into two equal parts. Total area is 180 m2. Bardølasalen is particularly suitable for exhibition rooms. Excellent daylight and good ventilation. Wireless microphone, speakerphone and internet connectivity. Possibilities for own stage.
Bardølasalen is also a great venue for party dinners and other companies. Capacity: 200 pers.

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Geilosalen is located on the 2nd floor with access to group rooms and has a total area of 70 m2.
Good daylight in addition to two-dimensional lighting. The hall has internet access, a projector and a 3-piece whiteboard board. Capacity: 50 pers.

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Havsdalshovda is on the 2nd floor and has a total area of 32 m2.
Good daylight and views to the mountain top “Havsdalshovda”.
The boardroom has internet access, a projector and a whiteboard.
Capacity 12 people.

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Skarvesalen has direct access to group rooms. The hall’s large windows provide good daylight and there is access to a private terrace on the sunny side. Total area is 90m.

Capacity: 70 pers.

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Halling Hall is furnished with lounge furniture and is suitable for social classes and gatherings. The hall is often used as a gathering point for watching large live sports events. The Halling Hall can be combined with the National Park next door.

Capacity: 70 pers.

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Geilotoppen is located on the 2nd floor and has a total area of 48 m2. The room can be divided into 2 equal rooms with king tables in both rooms.
Good daylight and a view to Geilotoppen, which the room is named after. The hall has internet access, projector and whiteboard board.

Capacity: 20 persons.

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Nasjonalparken is a charming venue suitable for smaller meetings and courses, as well as to the lounge and eatery in a social context.
The premises are newly renovated and we have decorated and named it in the national park village of Geilo’s and the national park hotel Bardøla’s honor.
Nasjonalparken is located in the hotel’s 2nd floor and can be combined with the Hallingsalen next door.

Capacity: 70 pers.

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Various groop rooms

If you are a smaller group gathering at Bardøla to work concentrated or to share courses in smaller groups, we can offer functional group rooms. The rooms are practical and flexible in use and are located on the 2nd floor. The group rooms have different sizes that can accommodate between 4 – 8 people.
Group rooms 1 and 2 are very flexible and accommodate 10-12 people around a royal table layout. Group rooms 3 and 4 have a direct connection to Skarvesalen.
Both group rooms can be used simultaneously, with space for 30 people in classroom layouts and 40 people in cinema setup.

Here, at Bardøla Høyfjellshotell we have 128 hotel rooms and 27 log cabins, with beds for 620 people all together.

 m2 Cinema Classroom U-table Boardroom Round tables King table
Bardølasalen 180  200 pers  140 pers  40 pers  110 pers  120 pers
Geilosalen 70  50 pers  30 pers 20 pers
Havsdalshovda 32  – 12 pers
Skarvesalen 90  70 pers  40 pers  30 pers
Hallingsalen 70  50 pers  30 pers  20 pers  20 pers
Geilotoppen 48 20 pers  20 pers
Nasjonalparken 22  70 pers  40 pers  24 pers  18 pers  20 pers
Grupperom 1 12 6 pers
Grupperom 2 12 6 pers
Grupperom 3 12 5 pers
Grupperom 4 5 pers

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Coming to Bardøla is like coming home

There are many good reasons why we have used Bardøla as a permanent supplier for our internal and external gatherings for more than 20 years. The hospitality we receive makes us feel special. Not to mention the food and drink experience. Whether we live in one of the beautiful cabins, or we live in the hotel, it’s the sum of the good experiences that make us return.

Terje Jørgensen, PQS

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Here, we simply feel at home

We have for many years had an agreement with Bardøla and added many weeklong courses here all year round.
The atmosphere, the food, the service and constantly being seen and taken seriously is the reason we continue to use the hotel.
Here we simply feel at home. The place has soul.

Sverre Bakke, Managing Director KRM AS

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Standard package

  • Dinner of the day, arrival day
  • Breackfast, lunch of the day and a lovely dinner, day 2
  • Wonderful Bardøla breakfast and lunch of the day, day of departure
  • Free wifi
  • Rent of plenum and group rooms with good technical equipment
  • Coffee/tea, ice water, nuts and fruit in the hall, all course days
  • Plenty of nice attention

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Conference break menu

Bardøla offers break snacks for all our conference guests.

Vegetables and dip kr 55,- per person
Cake of the day kr 55,- piece
Other homemade pastries, see pricelist
Smoothie kr 45,- piece
Wraps  85,- piece
– Bardøla’s homemade smoked salmon and scrambled eggs
– Roast beef and potato salad
– Bacon and potato salad
– Chicken with caesar salad
– Hummes with vegetables

Ciabatta grilled in olive oil with ham and local cheese kr 149,- piece
Soup of the day with homemade bread kr. 129,- piece

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Dining at Bardøla

At Bardøla, we spend a lot of resources on making good home-made food. The main kitchen has always taken care of Norwegian – and especially local cuisine, while letting us inspire foreign food cultures. Bardøla’s self-imported wines are mainly biodynamic or organic. They are handpicked to harmonize with the kitchen.

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Sofias Café & Bar

A meal at Sofias Café & Bar at Bardøla is an exciting and different experience in the mountain village of Geilo. In the charming atmosphere, you become yourself part of the environment and experience both the chef and the waiter in a free dressage. Enjoy our homemade, good food and get inspired by creative recipes.

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Bardøla’s function rooms

Welcome to authentic experiences in an historical environment! In Hallingtunet behind the hotel lies Storstugu and Gamlestugu – two old, traditional log cabins. These venues will add a very special atmosphere to your event. With real home cooking and traditional food for cheerful tummies and candles on the tables, you can sing, chew, drink and eat til the bright morning.

Konferanseoppsett Bardøla