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The most delightful rooms for a special occasion

Our function rooms

Welcome to authentic experiences in a historical environment! In Hallingtunet behind the hotel lies Storstugu and Gamlestugu – two old, traditional log cabins. These venues will adda very special atmosphere to your event. With real home cooking and traditional food for cheerful tummies and candles on the tables, you can sing, drink and eat til the bright morning. In addition, we have the following facilities for your special day:

  • Jegerstugu
  • Skibui
  • Walhall
  • Balder
  • Storstugu
  • Gamlestugu
  • Dagali
  • Bardølasalen
  • Wine cellar
  • Direktøren
  • Direktørboligen


Storstugu has reportedly been on Sirsletta, on a farm called Skar in Hemsedal, and used to go under the name Stølen. When the house came to Bardøla in 1980, the building was renamed ‘Langhuset’. This name suited the long shaped house.

Storstugu was listed in the early 1700s. At that time, it was common with the dirt floors in the houses, and tallow light was the only light source that existed. The walls were insulated with moss and reindeer lichen and, as heating, they used the heat from the livestock in the barn.

When Storstugu was moved to Bardøla, the building was even longer than it is today. Originally, Storstugu was made up of a barn, a living room and an equipment room. Farm buildings of this kind were common until the end of World War II. The timber in Storstugu is of such hard material that common tools for construction and restoration cannot be used. There was not a single nail in wall and ceiling construction originally, and the nails that you know find in the house are from modern times.

Storstugu can seat up to 50 guests..


Gamlestugu, as it was called when it came to Bardøla in the late 1960s, originates from the farm Sagen in Kvisla and was listed in 1793. At its most, the building housed 4 generations and up to 18 people – something that was not unusual in the past.

The blue color on the walls inside the living room comes from waste materials from extraction of iron and bog ore. Iron and ore was easily accessible to people in Hallingdal, so this blue color is often found in Hallingstuer of this kind. This particular blue color was said to contain evil spirits and other supernatural creatures.

The doors in such old houses were usually always low, because people thought it would be difficult for both predators and intruders to get unnoticed into the house if the doors were smaller. The beds in such houses are also very short. This is because people often slept while sitting, so that they could wake up easier in the event that something should occur at night time. The only heat source in old hallingstuer was the oven. The fireplace was also used, but mainly for cooking. There was always burning coal in the oven and fireplace, and they seldom used paper for lighting fires, as paper was rare and rather used for isolation.

In recent years, the area where Gamlestugu is located is called Hallingtunet. Hallingtunet today consists of Gamlestugu, Storstugu, a barn, a stable and a stately storehouse from the farm Anfinseth in Hovet.

Gamlestugu is a popular and charming party venue with room for 18 guests around rundt nice party table. 

We would like to plan events and meals in one of the living rooms with you. Here, you’ll find everything you need for a varied cultural menu. We can help you with finding entertainment for your special evenings.

Special party menus can be enjoyed in addition to the hotel’s daily menus.

Wine cellar

With Bardøla’s own imported wine, we serve wines you can not find elsewhere in Norway. The wine cellar is constantly filled with good newcomers, and our goal is that at least 95 percent of the bottles should be Bardøla’s own wine. Several of the wines come from biodynamic producers.

At Bardøla, you can attend wine courses and tastings in the wine cellar. This is a popular course and conference activity.

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