At Bardøla, we spend a lot of resources on making good and homemade food.


Monday–Saturday: 07.00-10.00
Sunday: 07.00-11.00


Served daily: 12.00–14.00


Served daily: 19.00–21.00


Served daily: 12.00–22.00

The main kitchen has always taken care of Norwegian – and especially local cuisine.

Bardøla Patisserie

Bardøla is known for their sweet pastries and tempting cakes –  everything is made in our own patisserie.

See menu below for ordering or drop by Sofias for a taste.

Restaurant Sofias

Welcome to the food house, Sofias

A meal at Sofias Restaurant & Bar at Bardøla Fjelltun is an exciting and different experience in the mountain village of Geilo. Remember to book a table.


Book an evening with friends, family or colleagues.

Traditional Norwegian Sour Cream porridge  & Cured meats
Price: NOK 525,- pr person. (minimum 10 people)

Make the experience even bigger?
For an even more traditional experience, you can dine in one of our historic and traditional farm houses that dates back to the 18th century, Gamlestugu or Storstugu, and get the ultimate


Traditional festive evening with Småmat with lefsekling

Traditional party soup from Hallingdal
The offer also comes with buttered rolls.
Price: NOK 425 per person. (minimum 10 people)

Make the experience even greater?
Enjoy the evening in our traditional Gamlestugu or Storstugu
to get the ultimate atmosphere.


Are you organizing a party or celebration?

We have several variations of venues for your special day. We will help you find the best fit for your event.


Cakes & baked goods

Enjoy delicious baked goods with your coffee or at the cabin. See our menu and contact us to order.


Are you hosting a party or other type of event, see our tapas-menu and contact us.


We offer lovely take-away from Sofias which can be enjoyed at your cabin. Check our menu at

Would you like to order tapas, cakes or baked goods from us?

See our menus below.