Welcome to Bardøla Fjelltun! Traditions since 1959

Geilos classic mountain hotel has now transformed in to an apartment hotel with top restaurants, bar, pool, gym and conference rooms.

We still thrive on the legacy of earlier successful times. Our main focus is good food experiences, great service and the heartfelt meeting in between people.

We look forwards to welcoming you to Bardøla Fjelltun



Bardøla is located in the national park village of Geilo.  Bardøla appears as Geilo’s classic mountain hotel, with a strong foothold in the wide market – one of Norway’s most visited hotels. Collaboration and destination coverage has always been important to the hotel – today with Visit Geilo and Geilo IL. The term «Bardøla – more than one hotel – a destination in itself» contains the great legacy of earlier times. Today we have changed the name to Bardøla Fjelltun, and let out our cabins and apartments, but we still maintain our traditional hotel operations. Among us are Sofias Restaurant & Bar and Hallingtunet.

Earlier days

The guest house

The story takes us back to 1948, when Johs. Tragethon started with letting to mainly British tourists. The funkis house was extended after a few years – and Bardøla Mountain Guest House took shape. In the mid-50s, the guesthouse consisted of 11 rooms.

Well-being and heartwarming

The pioneers Elsa and Egil Walhovd

In 1959, the young hotel educated couple Walhovd took over the guest house. The goal was to create Norway’s best high mountain hotel, and already the first Christmas table season they had full house and great success. They even lived in the beer and wine cellar, because all other rooms were rented to paying guests. In 1962, the guest house received the hotel status with all rights. In 1967 Bardøla was built to 130 beds, in 1972 – 170 beds. The indoor swimming pool and tennis courts were completed in the early 70’s. Own hairdressing salon, miniature golf, outdoor pool and the cottages Kongsgården and Dronninggården eventually supplemented Bardøla.

In 1971 Elsa and Egil Walhovd completed an old dream. A complete mountain farm from the 1700s was moved to Bardøla from farms in Hallingdal. Today, Bardølas guests can use Gamlestugu and Storstugu in Hallingtunet for company and other events.

Well-being and heartwarming
Elsa and Egil Walhovd placed great emphasis on well-being and heartwarming in the development of the hotel. They combined hotel management with a hearty involvement in the local community and helped Geilo become famous throughout the country. Egil Walhovd went away in 1986, and a few years later Elsa Walhovd decided to sell Bardøla.


The hotel expands

Hans Wille
In 15 of Walch’s years at Bardøla, the dedicated hotelman Hans Wille was their director. His winning being and professional expertise meant a lot for Bardølas loyal guests. Wille is also known to be the whole of Geilo’s “Uncle Hans”.

Therese and Bernt Junger
The late 80’s was characterized by ownership shifts, financial crises and a generally difficult operating and market situation. In the 90’s, Therese and Bernt Junger operated the hotel. By focusing on the staff, hosts and good food, they got the hotel back on track. Together with their employees, they did a fantastic job with Bardøla.

Ola Vindegg
Ola Vindegg was both co-owner and chairman of the operating company in 1995, and in 1997 he took over the entire property. In 2000 Ola became an owner, but invited early with Roger Espeli and Terje Simonsen. Ola was the main shareholder until 2007, when a generation shift was completed. Ola Vindegg built log cabins in connection with the hotel. From the first in 1997 – until today’s 26. The hotel was completed in 2001 by 24 new modern rooms as well as expanded restaurant capacity. Today the hotel has more than 600 beds. The hotel is well run and solid, thanks to Olas sense of constant quality and expertise in maintenance.

New times

The Geilo group

Terje Simonsen, Rolf Ingar Rotegård and Holtefjell Group
Terje Simonsen, Rolf Ingar Rotegård and Holtefjell Group took over as owners of Bardøla, and Arill Ottersen became CEO. They thus continued the tradition that the owners also run the hotel, with close contact with employees and guests. Bardøla is today a competence company with apprenticeships, which contributes to general professional development in the industry. Bardøla appears as Geilo’s classic high-mountain hotel, with a strong foothold in the wide market – one of Norway’s most visited hotels. Collaboration and destination highlighting has always been important to the hotel – today with Visit Geilo and Geilo IL. The term “Bardøla – more than a hotel” contains a good legacy from earlier times. Over the last few years, Sofias Café and Bar.

Pål Georg Gundersen
Mr. Gundersen bought the hotel in November 2016, and now we stand strong with our sister hotels like Vestlia Resort and Highland Lodge as part of The Geilo Group. Together we are ready for tomorrow’s discerning hotel guest.